University Dental Students' Society (UDSS)

The University Dental Students’ Society (UDSS) is a student-run organisation, representing dental students based at the University of Western Australia Dental School. All dental students at the University of Western Australia are entitled to membership.

UDSS is one of the oldest student societies at UWA and continues to evolve each year. UDSS plays a crucial role in enhancing the off-campus lifestyle of dental students, hosting a wide range of sporting, social, volunteering and academic functions throughout the year. We provide active representation for students on educational issues along with additional support throughout the duration of their training programme. 

In more detail, the UDSS:

Funds the orientation morning tea for our new first year students.

Organises a bulk order of clinic coats and safety glasses (which result in discounts) at the beginning of each year; this particularly helps the first year students and allows others to add to their current collection.

Holds multiple social events such as Prime and Bond, GV Black, Quiz night and the annual Dental Dinner.

Organises a biannual sports day, which staff and students are invited, as well as the annual table tennis and pool competitions.

Releases the Probe magazine quarterly, which updates students as to what the UDSS is up to, covers major events and other dental student-related articles.

Award a UDSS Honorary Life Member Award, as well as Nurse of the Year Award.

Organises sponsorship agreements with businesses and corporations to help fund our activities, and advertises these sponsors on our merchandise, website and noticeboard.

Runs cake stalls throughout the year to help fund projects or events.

Represent students on a year level and as a whole, and acts as a direct link between students, staff and the Guild.

Communicates with local businesses to organise discounts for students.

Maintains the student common room at the UWA Dental School.


How Does the UDSS Represent Students?

In 2015, the UDSS has created a sub-committee known as the UDSS Education Committee (UEC). This consists of the Class Representatives (voicing the view of each year group), the Education Representatives (our liaisons with the Guild Education Committee), the Secretary (who records minutes and is responsible for the management of the UDSS Records) and the President (who represents the views of all dental students).

In addition to UEC meetings, class representatives attend year specific meetings and all years meetings run by the dental school (the later also attended by the president) where student issues are raised. The purpose of the UEC is to enable the students to help each other as well as act as one body with the same goal in mind. UEC members are familiarised with the usual procedures of meetings, with an emphasis on documentation of important issues. Feedback forms are created every semester for each year group, which are passed on to the Head of School and each year level committee, to make staff aware of any issues that need resolving, as well as identifying positive aspects of the course.



Probe is a publication created by UDSS, for the students. Composed of various articles written and submitted by dental students across the years, it gives an insight into the interesting happenings in and around dental school. Probe is a celebration of student life and demonstrates that although there are many challenging and sometimes discouraging obstacles, we are still able to have fun and create a lifetime of memories. Probe is published quarterly.

Click here to discover Probe.



Local business sponsors

UDSS is grateful for the support of local businesses surrounding the dental school.
- Santi's Cafe
- Baskin Robbins


How you can help

As UDSS is a non-profit, student-run organisation that receives limited financial support, we would like to express our gratitude to all our sponsors, past and present. If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact our Vice-President for our sponsorship prospectus or if you have any questions.

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