University Dental Students' Society (UDSS)

Australian Dental Association WA branch

In Western Australia, ADA WA is regarded as the recognised voice of dentistry. With around 83% of registered dentists and dental specialists across the private and public sectors as members, the Association provides a most effective representative body.

MDA National

MDA National Limited (MDA National) is a mutual Medical Defence Organisation (MDO), founded in Perth, WA in 1925 to protect the interests of its doctor Members. 


A-dec is a leading manufacturer of dental equipment, and has collaborated with some of the greatest minds in dental education for the past 40 years. Today, the A-dec Simulator combines decades of dental insight with advanced design to ease every student's transition from simulation lab to clinic. 

Omni Dental Ceramics

Omni Dental Ceramics is a collaboration between two lab owners who both see the same vision — a highly aesthetic service oriented digital dental laboratory. 

Omni Dental Ceramics was established in Subiaco in 1999 by Paul Stewart and today is one of the most respected laboratories in Australia. Aesthetic solutions dental ceramics was established in 2010 and was one of the first laboratories to implement complex digital solutions in to traditional manufacturing workflows. In August 2013 Omni and Aesthetic Solutions merged to offer their clients the most up to date material options and workflows while providing the same level of aesthetics and quality that has solidified their position in the industry.

Dental Protection

Dental Protection Limited (DPL) has been supporting and protecting the dental health profession in Australia continuously for more than 45 years. A first-class service to members combined with the wealth of educational information and risk management material has made DPL the largest organisation of its kind in the world with over 62,000 members around the globe. Take a look at our ‘DPL Australia’ Facebook page and keep an eye out for our latest edition of Dental Student Australia magazine (copies available in the student common room).

ADX 2018

Australia's largest dental exhibition, 23-25 March 2018. For more information, please visit www.adx.org.au